Below you will find a collection of recordings. Please note that you will need access to Flash to be able to listen to these and that some of them might take a few seconds to load. Enjoy!

Maurice RAVEL – Histoires naturelles (Kate Boyd, piano; rec. 7/18/08 Butler Univ., live)

[1] Le paon (The Peacock), 4:37

[2] Le grillon (The Cricket), 3:07 

[3] Le cygne (The Swan), 3:00

[4] Le martin-pêcheur (The Kingfisher), 2:37

[5] La pintade (The Guinea Hen), 3:37

Eric CHASALOW – The Furies (for soprano and electronic sounds) (rec. 7/18/08 Butler Univ., live)

[6] I. The Fury of Beautiful Bones, 4:02

[7] II. The Fury of Guitars and Sopranos, 3:35

[8] III. The Fury of Cooks, 1:30

[9] IV. The Fury of Hating Eyes, 4:14

John HARBISON – The Mirabai Songs (excerpt) (Thomas Rosenkranz, piano; rec. 10/24/08 BG New Music Festival, live)

[10] III. Why Mira Can’t Go Back to Her Old House, 1:49

Olivier MESSIAEN – Poemes pour Mi (Jeffrey Jacob, piano; rec. 1/95 St. Mary’s Coll., live)

[11] Book I, no. 3, 2:54

[12] Book I, no. 4, 1:27 

Joe ALEXANDER – Two Bryant Songs (Kevin Schempf, clar.; Jane Solose, piano; rec. 5/00 for Living Music Recordings CD)

[13] Song (These Prairies Glow with Flowers), 3:36

[14] November, 2:39

Mikel KUEHN – Fünf Parabeln (excerpts), for soprano and chamber ensemble (Ensemble 21, Peter Jarvis, cond.; rec. 2/22/94 Merkin Hall, New York, live) 

[15] Leoparden im Tempel (Leopards in the Temple), 1:30

[16] Die Sirenen (The Sirens), 4:03

Aaron Jay KERNIS – Simple Songs for voice and chamber orchestra (June in Buffalo Chamber Orchestra, Aaron Jay Kernis, cond; rec. 6/99, June in Buffalo, live)

[17] First days of Spring, 2:30

[18] You are the Notes and We are the Flute, 3:01

Arnold SCHOENBERG – Pierrot Lunaire, Op. 21 for voice and chamber ensemble (BGSU New Music Ensemble, Mikel Kuehn, cond; rec. 1/99, Bowling Green State Univ., live)

[19] No. 4 Eine blasse Wäscherin, 1:20

[20] No. 7 Der kranke Mond , 2:49

[21] No. 9 Gebet an Pierrot, 1:02

BGSU New Music Ensemble, Mikel Kuehn, cond. (rec. 1/99, Bowling Green State Univ., live)

Robert MORRIS – Wye (excerpt) (rec. 6/07)

[22] Excerpt from end of 25-minute work for voice and fixed media, 5:26

[23] Arnold SCHOENBERG – Brettl-Lieder, No. 1, 2:23

[24] Kurt WEILL – Nanna’s Lied, 3:48

(Nos. 23-24: Kelly Horsted, piano, rec. 5/93, Rochester Memorial Art Gallery, live)

 David FROOM, Three Love Songs on Poetry of Sue Standing, 8:57 (Laura Melton, piano; recorded live, BGSU New Music Festival, 10/09)

[25] Movement 1

[26] Movement 2

[27] Movement 3

[28] Allan SCHINDLER, Diaspora for soprano and electronics,  16:58 (recorded live, BGSU New Music Festival, 10/09)


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